This page is a collection of useful tools

Special thanks to the owners of the following tools

This screenshot shows the Auto Chess Stats tool developed by Cha0os

The tool allows you to insert your Steam ID and displays your total number of games, your current MMR rating and your rank.

It comes in a minimalistic design and is very easy to use. Definitely worth checking out.

This screenshot shows the Auto Chess Planner tool developed by Kumagor0

Kumagor0 built a tool which works as a team builder. The tool provides you with a list of all heroes and lets you pick your combination out of it.

If you did, it displays your current team size and the combo bonus you get out of it. This can be very helpful, especially in the beginning.

This screenshot shows the Auto Chess Handbook app! developed by Hitman7987/Hercules

Hitman7987 built an app which includes in-depth information on any unit and item in the game. The app will soon include a mobile team builder function!

Downloading the app will give you a massive advantage over everyone else, you have access to all the information needed to win any auto chess game. If you do like the app and want to support Hitman7987 you can donate via this Paypal link he is very thankful for any donation!