Here you'll find various strategies.
The stars give an indication of the strategies complexity.
Most of these strategies are general guidelines, every game is different so improvising is necessary.
At this stage of the game the following chesses are a good combination

Goblin Mech

Clockwerk Tinker Timbersaw Bounty Hunter    GoblinMech

Some consider a start with any of there three chesses the strongest as the goblins provide a very strong early game buff of 15 Armor and 10 HP regeneration to a random target.
In addition to this all of the mechs get 10 HP regeneration once 2 of them are present.


Juggernaut Axe Beastmaster    Orc

Orcs are very strong early as they gain 200 HP each especially in the first few round they shine, Juggernaut provides solid AOE and Axe is arguably the best tank in game.
Axe and Juggernaut combined with any other warrior are likely to be the second strongest start, Orcs also transition well into the late game as they have Disruptor
which not only provides the 4 Orc Buff for even more HP but also is a solid chess on its own.


Drowranger Abaddon    Undead

The Undead synergy early can win rounds especially when combined high physical damage dealers.
Drow Ranger herself is a weak unit therefore we recommend replacing it as soon as a Necrophos is available.


Shadowshaman Batrider Witchdoctor


Enchantress Furion Treantprotector


Tusk Enchantress Lycan Sandking Venomancer


Ogremagi Puck Crystalmaiden Razor Lina


Tiny Morphling Razor


Tiny Axe Tusk Juggernaut Slardar Lycan


Bounty Hunter Morphling Queen Of Pain Riki Phantom Assassin Sandking Slark Viper


Chaosknight Queen of pain Shadowfiend Terrorblade
  • Leveling up is recommend only in round 4 and/or 9
  1. Enigma
  2. Tidehunter
  3. Disruptor
  4. Any

Starting out you want to adopt a few strategies to get into the game, later you can adopt more advanced and almost always stronger strategies.
The Only Warrior strategy utilises the following class and race synergies:

warrior human beast orc demon

This strategy is perfect for absolute beginners as it deals low amounts of damage but is really tanky as the Warrior buffs give a lot of armor.

There are several "counters" to this strategy as the damage output is very low, it is only recommended for the first few games as it is easy to assemble but weaker than most advanced strategies.


  1. Best Frontline
  2. Includes Race Synergies

  1. Lowest Damage
  2. Very Basic
  3. Is limited in options
You will generally find enough warriors to assemble this strategy, try to pick up the listed heroes otherwise if the heroes are contested by other players try to alter the strategy with generally strong heroes that either have good damage/CC/AOE or other synergies.
This Strategy contains the following heroes:
Clockwerk Timbersaw Gyrocopter Techies Enchantress Treant Protector Furion Lone Druid
  • Necessary Units
  1. Clockwerk
  2. Timbersaw
  3. Gyrocopter
  4. Techies
  5. Enchantress
  6. Treant Protector
  7. Furion
  8. Lone Druid
  • Optional Units
  1. Enigma
  2. Tidehunter
  3. Kunkka
  4. Disruptor

This strategy is played and therefore contested a lot as it includes druids and mechs which are almost always contested.
It utilises the following class and race synergies:

druid mech beast goblin

This strategy is considered to be one of the best early game strategy's, if it high rolls and finds the 4th druid early then the snowball potential is very high.
With this strategy leveling up at level 4 and also halfway to level 6 is recommended, doing this will secure your win streak early and let's you transition well into the late game.


  1. Druids are very cheap
  2. Mechs are the strongest early game heroes
  3. Lone Druid is one of the best heroes

  1. Is inferior in the late game
  2. The goblin buff is random
  3. Is almost guaranteed to be contested
This Strategy contains the following heroes:
Clockwerk Tinker Timbersaw Gyrocopter Techies Bounty Hunter Alchemist
  • Necessary Units
  1. Bounty Hunter
  2. Timbersaw
  3. Clockwerk
  4. Tinker
  5. Alchemist
  6. Techies
  7. Gyrocopter
  • Optional Units
  1. Enigma
  2. Shadowfiend
  3. Tidehunter
  4. Kunkka

This strategy offers a lot of variation in how it is executed and we recommend to create variations of it as you progress.
It utilises the following class and race synergies:

goblin goblin mech mech

Assemble the mechs early and fill the other unit slots with good units like Beastmaster, Axe, Shadowfiend, Queen of Pain or Chaos Knight.


  1. Best early game
  2. Strong racial
  3. A lot of flexibility

  1. Highly contested
  2. Needs 2 level 5 chesses to work
There can be situations where you just don't find a Techies or a Gyrocopter in that case you should considered switching strategies or only using 3 goblins.