Advanced Guide

This guide will contain tips and help for advanced players

Advanced Tips/Guide

We have thought a lot about how this section of our website is going to look like and came to the conclusion that writing an Advanced Guide that is divided into steps would be somewhat useless.
Therefore we have somewhat changed the format of this guide and turned it into a info section rather than a proper guide.
We have also been inspired by the post that r/loopuleasa made you will find a massive amount of useful tips and information over there!

All somewhat viable strategies are featured on our Strategies page, should we miss any feel free to email

Economy and streaks

(ALMOST)NEVER REROLL EARLY - your D key should be left untouched until you have a somewhat stable economy, you can use it earlier but it is bad in almost every scenario, once you have surpassed 50 gold it starts being a valid option. There are some experienced players who state that rerolling early is key but we think that for the average player rerolling early can be deadly.

STREAKS ARE KEY - You should always keep in mind that the strongest source of gold income in the early to mid game is streaks whether a winning or losing streak, as this will get you up to +3 Gold per round which is massive for these stages of the game.
It generally is advisable to go for a winning streak as you also get a +1 gold every round for winning, if however you get unlucky or generally have a bad combination of heroes and cannot find any synergies then you should consider a loosing streak for as long as you can afford it.

GREED IS GOOD - There is interest that you can earn for having gold, it's that simple save gold to get more gold! Interest starts at +1 gold per round for having between 10 and 19 gold and stacks up to +5 for having 50 gold or more saved.
When you are close to the next interest gold for example at 18 gold then it is a good idea to just sell a hero that is not in use and get to the next interest gold, always keep the 1 gold in mind you get from winning this is sometimes enough to get to the next interest gold already!

The best possible economy is having 50 gold saved up and a winstreak of 8 or more consecutive wins (+3 gold), while still winning which gives another +1 gold in total this adds up to +9 bonus gold!.

Gameplay Tips

ITEM RNG - When it comes to items the game is very RNG heavy and there are rounds where not a single item drops for you however, this is unlikely and you can generally expect 1-3 items per round. We have a simple but useful page that lists all the items and combinations! Pretty cool right?

The list of priorities is, in this order:

  1. Economy&Win/Lose Streaks
  2. Class Synergies
  3. Chesspiece level
  4. Population of Chesspieces across the fields
  5. Possible Item combinations
  6. Quality of your Chesspieces
  7. Counterplaying/Positioning/Counterpicking against your Opponents.

Try to level up early if you have the spare gold, to get more Chesspieces on the battlefield and get a early advantage in fights.

Two 2-Star Chesspieces are better than one 3-Star Chesspiece, but do not forget your synergies and overall tactic and abandon important Chesspieces, especially in the late game!
Do not forget that after every battle your 5 buyable chesspieces will automatically reroll, so DO NOT reroll with your Gold close to the end of the battle phase, otherwise you will lose your bought reroll!

OVERPOPULATION - Always keep your population in check, if you have too much chesspieces on the field in the moment the preparation phase ends (visible by a red numbers on your population counter at the top) one of your chesspieces will randomly get benched.

NOTE that in the event that your bench is full one of your chesspieces on the battlefield will get randomly force sold, this can end in a lost game for you.

A lot of credit for this guide goes to reddit user u/loopuleasa and his Advanced Tips post!

Check it out here:

General Tips and Facts

TAKE A LOOK AROUND - Always watch which tactics are used by your opponents and which chesspieces are played. With this you can get an overview which tactics are contested and what your chances are to upgrade a Chesspiece. There is only a limited number of chess pieces. You can find exact numbers here: Statistics

TO SYNERGY OR NOT TO SYNERGY - Some heroes are individually so strong that they are worth picking up even though they do not distribute anything to your tactic. Examples for individual heroes worth picking up: Templar Assassin, Kunkka, Timbersaw, Lone Druid, Beastmaster. The ability of an hero is often a hint for their usefulness even without synergies.

Some ranged heroes are actually good frontline heroes in many situations. Ex: Tinker, Lone Druid, Batrider.

In the later stages of a game you often want to pick up legendary heroes that have a low chance of appearing in the random selection. Increases your chances of finding higher quality pieces by leveling your courier. Check your courier buff to see the percentages. At Level 10 you have a 10% chance for legendary pieces.

You can click your name on the right hand side where it shows scores/ranking to jump to that board. You can also cycle through your opponents with TAB.

Health Damage numbers for your courier is: 1 + floor(Unit level/3) -- For example: Level = base cost, if Hero is 1*; Level = base cost + 2, if Hero is 2*; Level = base cost + 4, if Hero is 3* and not a druid; Level = base cost + 3, if Hero is 3* and a druid.

The most contested synergy strategies are the following: Knights (Strong vs all, but expensive to assemble), Druids (Cheap upgrades), Warriors (Consistent but can be countered easily),
Goblin/Mechs (Good Early game, bad late game unless you max 6 goblins to match them), Mages (High scaling, expensive, weak vs heal or magic resist, low health pool), Trolls (very strong because of their increased attackspeed if you can assemble them), Demon Hunters (Good damage & High Potential, counter against Demons), Assassins (Good for backline countering, weak against tank), Hunters (Glass Cannons, need frontline backup), Crowd Control (Situational, hard to pull off), Warlock (Niche, hard to execute, can be very strong).

Advanced Tactics

These have been taken from the post of r/loopuleasa on reddit!

Stockpiling: Buying chesspieces as you see them to keep your options open this is important because of the random factor in the game you should work with tactic the game offers you, you can always switch tactics mid game so more options give you more flexibility. For 1-Star pieces, this is okay since you can sell them later, the only downside is that you can not stack your interest and gold you should find balance and the right time to stop and establish your tactic for the rest of the game.

Juggling: When you have your reserve bench full, and you take some pieces out to buy more pieces for an upgrade. As the timer start, place some pieces out with Q, in anticipation for buyouts. APM helps here.

Positioning: This is generally understanding what board states are good and which tactics benefit from your positioning. In general you ALWAYS need a frontliner to tank the damage, and you have to watch your back against assassins. It is good to corner or edge your weaker ranged pieces so that they can not get flanked. It is important to check the movement patterns of your pieces on battle start to better understand where they will end up.

Counter-Positioning: Useful when few opponents are left. This is about predicting how your opponent will position, and reacting accordingly in order to get favorable chess battles.

Playing Economy: Players who watch their economy will win consistently in this game, even if the luck is not in their favor. If you are on the backfoot you can greed it up and eventually with good strategizing end up on top in the late game even with a bad start. This game is all about making the most with the situation you are given.

Selling your blood: Early games, pieces have very little stars, so when you lose a battle you will not get much of a hit in your courier HP, so in the early game it is good to intentionally lose the game to get more lose streak gold. But watch your HP if it falls to 0 you lose!

Edging your lose-streaks: This is a risky tactic where you intentionally make your lineup weaker/stronger so that you can lose with your opponents having just 1-2 pieces alive (means you will take the least amount of HP loss, while conserving your streak). Hard to do when opponents vary a lot.

Item Dropping/Locking: Since some item combinations are not that good if combined, it's advisable to drop your items on the ground to prevent auto combines. You can right-click and lock items in your inventory to prevent auto combine.

Courier Positioning: The courier has an activation range, so be sure to always have your courier centered on the bench to save one or two valuable seconds. Also, in late game situations, when both you and and other opponents are about to die, make sure to position your courier farthest from the fight so that the hands that deal damage take the longest to reach you and your opponents HP hopefully reaches 0 before you.

Item peeking: Takes more time to do, but it might give you good information. Late game is all that matters in the end and if you can anticipate the tactics and strongest chesspieces of your opponents you can work effectivly against them for example if they have a godlike antimage with all of their items, maybe invest into some crowd control to hold this chesspiece out of combat until you defeated the rest of the opponents chesspieces.

Commiting to a Build: Late game, you need to have an idea what your 10 pop chess composition looks like, and it is crucial to plan ahead when your mid-game lineup is set. Keep in mind what others are doing.

Focus picking 3-Stars: 3-Star pieces are quite an investment, and you should focus on which 3 stars you are going for. It is not even worth buying if you pick up all 3-Star upgrades, because you will not have bench room to go there. Be selective. See which options are open, and focus on the strongest 3-Star lategame updates. Choose 1-2 max.

General time efficiency: The time in this game is the most important resource, and here are some things to do: 1) Upgrade your population during the 5 seconds of "Ready" state; 2) When your battle starts, look at your board briefly to see who you are battling, then start cycling other opponents all over the map. You do not need much information from your battle, so better get peek info from others during that long battle time. You should ideally spend looking at your board as much as looking at another players board.

Estimating percentages: You have to understand and calculate percentages for different plays and directions. This takes time to develop and this is what the top Rook players are doing intuitively. You need to play the game frequent to get this level of experience and you should have your eyes open for patches, meta changes and especially your own shortcomings and how to overcome them.