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Latest Patch Notes

04 / 05 / 19

Now when players are eliminated, half of the items on their Couriers and pieces will drop to random boards, and be picked up by other existing players.
Reworked player list panel on the right hand side. Now the panel displays the current level and gold of each player, and shows the player battling with your team.
Reworked Tony: Toss now launches the target at the farthest enemy at least 3 squares away from the victim, or at the farthest square from it, to deal damage and stun where they land.
Decreased (6) Assassins' Coup de Grace critical strike chance from 25% to 15%.
Increased Death Prophet's base armor from 0 to 5, increased base HP by 50.
Increased Bounty Hunter's base attack rate by 0.1.
Improved Templar Assassin's base attack rate by 0.1.
Decreased Battle Fury's pure cleave damage from 50% to 30%.
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News Feed

Twitch Rivals Cup on March 13th! 03 / 10 / 19

Drodo Studio announces All Star Cup. 02 / 27 / 19

The official Drodo Studio twitter account just released a little trailer for the upcoming Dota Auto Chess All Star Tournament featuring famous Chinese players.

Drodo Studio warns players about cheating. 02 / 24 / 19

Drodo Studio just addressed the game's current problem regarding cheating. It will be interesting to see, how the developers will handle this problem.

Top Heroes

We split our heroes into tiers, keep in mind that these rating can't be applied in every situation.
The tiers are: S A B C D
more stats
Hero Name Class Race Rating
Tidehunter Hunter Naga S
Timbersaw Mech Goblin A
Kunkka Warrior Human A
Crystal Maiden Mage Human C
Lina Mage Human B
Tiny Warrior Elementals D